Step into a world of Renaissance fantasy and indulge in the finest drinks, friends, and entertainment.


Immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of Cup of Swords Tavern, where we serve a wide selection of mead, wine, cider, beer, and ale. Enjoy live music and engage in fantasy-themed games.

Drink Selection


Experience the ancient taste of honey wine. Our mead selection offers a variety of flavors.


Savor the finest wines from different regions. Our carefully curated collection will satisfy any connoisseur.


Try our refreshing and crisp ciders made from the juiciest apples. A perfect choice for those who prefer a lighter drink.


Discover our wide range of beers, from traditional ales to craft brews. Each pint is brewed to perfection.


Complimentary Wi-Fi is available for our patrons.

We are not a food establishment and do not prepare or serve food, therefore, if you would like something to eat there are a few options: Order food delivery to the tavern, bring your own food, choose from our variety of available pre-packaged snacks, or enjoy our visiting food trucks.

Cup of Swords Tavern is a 21+ only establishment. You must be 21+ to enter with a valid ID. Every patron will get an ID check regardless of their age.

We are pet friendly! Please help keep it this way with responsible pet ownership and well-behaved pets. Dogs must be on a leash.

Frequently Hath Asked

How to Find Us: We are on 4th Ave E in Olympia, WA between Quince St SE and Eastside St SE. Black Rune Creations is to the right of the tavern. The front door is located through the outdoor patio (the fenced in area with white lattice)

Where to Park: Along the the left side of the building or there is street parking available if that is full. Please keep the alley to the left of our parking open so that vehicles can get out and the surrounding businesses have access to their buildings.

How to Sign Up for D&D with a DM: Come to the tavern to see our scheduled sessions and register to play.

When We Have D&D: Sundays are open table D&D. Sometimes we have DM's scheduled to run one shot games for groups of 5-6 players open to all levels. Scheduled games are listed on the Events tab.

Bringing Things to the Tavern: You are welcome to bring your own table games any time or play any games from our game library. You are welcome to bring food or have it delivered to the tavern. You are welcome to bring well behaved pets on a leash. You are welcome to bring your friends! Please do not bring any drinks, that is our job.

Reservations: We love to accommodate party reservations, however, reservations are not available during events or scheduled entertainment. Please contact us to discuss your reservation.

Private Parties: We do not host private parties at this time.

How to Get on the Shield Wall: The Shield Wall is our tankard club. It costs a small annual registration fee and in return you get an engraved shield with your choice of name and tag line that is displayed in the tavern, a matching key chain, and a tankard pour (20oz) for the price of a pint (16oz). Upon redeeming a shield wall beverage, the barkeep calls out, "Shield Wall!" and the patrons reply, "Huzzah!" Visit the tavern to sign up!

Contact Us

For inquiries or reservations, please reach out to us.